About Optimus Corporation

For over two decades, OPTIMUS Corporation has built customized software solutions to order, categorize, publish, store and retrieve high volume digital content for the private and defense sectors. During the early 1990’s, the company offered an alternative to the classic COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) implementations with an open ERM (electronic records management) solution, which incorporated archiving capabilities to optical media (CD-ROM).

Parallel to its ERM product line, Optimus worked as a custom software developer and integrator for Government and NGOs. The company developed specific knowledge and expertise for creating and marketing defense logistic information systems for procurement and as reference feeds for other up- or down-stream systems.

In 2005 with the rapid advancement of the Internet and increasing customer request for integrating different ERM services Optimus designed an entirely new, next generation product written in Windows.NET Framework and running on Windows XP. However, the company’s attempt, two years later, to extend the new product into a fully integrated, web based document management system was fraught with challenges and market introduction was not successful.

Starting in 2007 when confronted with costly litigation related to its “government contracting business” the company regretfully decided to exit the EDM services market and focus exclusively on supporting existing clients. Litigation and mounting expenses resulted from action taken against both a former employee who breached his non-compete agreement and the competing firm he moved to that won contracts previously served by Optimus in unfair competition.

Today, Optimus continues to provide consultancy work for the private sector. The company is no longer engaged in development and marketing of logistic management systems and does not answer public requests for proposals (RFP).